It's a Marathon not a Sprint.

We've been at it awhile now. The band started recording July 22 at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA, a half hour drive on a good day and a lifetime away from bustling Seattle. Time stills at Bear Creek, a repurposed barn that evokes Americana and all that's good. For 10 days we tuned, retreated to boxes aka sound booths, played and replayed songs and their parts, nursed egos as instruments and voices were chosen...or not by intrepid producer Jonathan Plum -- going through his own "thing" as he did what he did at a rival's studio. We got through it with a little drama but lots of joy and since August 1 we've been laying down overdubs and vocals at Jonathan's palace aka legendary London Bridge Studios.

Exhausted but determined, most of what we need is done before passing the baton to veteran mixing engineer Josiah Gluck. Right now it's all about the small stuff that when added together makes big stuff. Too many strings? A flat note or mispronounced word? Too much vibrato? Not enough congas? Too flat? A hundred decisions swirling now will hopefully lead to something special. Stay tuned!

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