Sunday @ The Musicquarium

 Sunday's show at Seattle's Triple Door Musicquarium was pretty cool.  We'd not played there since 2008 and Mark, our lead guitarist wasn't with the band then.  For me the evening started with a great dinner at the fabulous Wild Ginger Restaurant -- owned by the same folks -- with KEXP radio station honcho Tom Mara and wife Mary.  Careful not to eat too heavy, I chose a tofu dish that really hit the spot.  Load-in started at 7 and that's when I met Rhythm for the first time -- an attractive perhaps mixed race blues rocker whose band was a perfect opener for our show.  They played 45 minutes and warmed up the crowd.  We started 15 minutes later with "A Buddha State of Mind" and were then off to the races.  Two sets and 2 hours later after closing with our version of LedZeppelin's "Rock & Roll" someone from the audience yells "one more!". Bassist Brian Miller leans over to me and says, "that's the best place to be; leave them wanting more!" And so, THANKS to all who made it out...there's no show without YOU!

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