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Mistletoe and Shiny Guitars
By Paula Boggs ©2017

All I want for Christmas is you
Honey I swear to God it's true
Seasons come and go
Every day we get a little older
But we don't need mistletoe to know
Together we win.

I don't need no shiny guitar
What I got drives fine so far.
We don't even need a tree.
That way we save a bit o' money
Instead let's stroll outside.
Neither you nor me will fall behind.

Just because the malls say it’s “time to buy.”
Doesn’t mean we can't resist sipping cups of Pumpkin Chai.
Wouldn't trade this moment for any price.
Lord knows I won't make that sacrifice.

All I want for Christmas is you.
Faded jeans and wedding rings consecrate the Yule.
I got everything I need
From all these years of planting seeds
That blossom every day anew
Merry Xmas to you.
Merry Xmas to you.
Merry Xmas to you.