1. America 2020

From the recording Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions

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America 2020

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“Covid-19, racial unrest, record unemployment and climate disruption bring America to a boil as division and rancor ascend. Is this what America’s ancestors fought and died for?” asks Boggs. “This is the central question ‘America 2020’ poses. Sure, they and our founding documents were flawed; but America was born with hope and aspirations for better. To reach ‘better’ requires more than ‘thoughts and prayers.’ It demands work, empathy, attitude and keeping it real. ‘America 2020’ stands on the shoulders of great American ‘protest songs’— the ones that make you think, feel and act while tapping your feet.”


America 2020

By Paula Boggs

2020 All Rights Reserved

Verse 1
I need a shower.

I’m on the brink.

This body snatching, nation bashing drives me to drink and I’m weary,

Even three time zones away.

This never ending freak show rocks my every waking hour every day.

Verse 2
An exorcism.

I need it now.

Erykah Badu we need your funky voodoo.

Your nine inch nails and incensed smells.

Your “freaky-deaky get your boney ass off my grass” icy cool.

Cuz you don’t suffer fools.

Common’s kumbayah ain’t enough.

Verse 3
When I was little I pledged the flag.

People need symbols, National swag.

I don’t begrudge protest or fight;

You see I wore the uniform to protect your right.

Our mothers bled so we could be well-read.

Common’s kumbayah ain’t enough.

“Help ain’t yet on the way,”

Said a homeless Oracle I met yesterday.

America, America what happened to us?

Never perfect but now we blasphemous

When you think about the blood our founders shed,

They’re rolling in their graves, grateful they are dead. (repeat line final time)

Verse 4
No matter if you came by choice or chains,

Or were already here when the others came.

We’re three legs of just one stool

And if you think something else you’re a damn fool.
And we won’t suffer you

Cuz Common’s kumbayah ain’t enough.