Some songs deliver infectious joy and this is one of those songs. Paula Boggs Band’s ‘Ponies’ is upbeat, foot-tapping, urgent and immensely likeable from start to finish. Boggs’ bright strum is insistent alongside the irresistible fiddle. In the video, we see the delight Boggs and her band take in the performance of their music; she dances and sways throughout and we listeners feel energised and ready to follow. The song is elevated by some terrific backing vocals that enhance the almost-chanted choruses.” - Andrew Frolish


As a working artist and arts advocate, I know deeply and passionately how important it is for America to have an elevated spotlight on the power of arts to help make us more human and connected to each other,” said Paula Boggs, a musician and public speaker, in a statement to The Washington Post. “Our Committee resigned honorably in 2017 but now it’s time for this Committee to get to work. I feel joy.” - Paula Boggs

The Washington Post

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally? Though I have other creative outlets, including essay writing and public speaking, I’m a musician. Creating and performing music started at age 10. Reaching early adulthood I abandoned music and then returned to it in 2005. The tragedy of losing someone dear brought me back, initially as a way to grieve.”

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The band has grown to seven members. Boggs, the lead vocalist who plays guitar and ukulele, says she finds inspiration for songs in many places, including her love for her spouse, whom Boggs sings about in "A Finer Thread" and "Thirty More Years and a Day." But she keeps coming back to the idea of an American story, and whose stories get to count as American.” - Molly Englund

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