Paula Boggs Band

Texas Americana Fest, St. Emanuel Street, Houston

Texas Americana Festival and Conference combines the fun and excitement of a music festival with the educational experience of a conference, bringing fans, songwriters, performers, industry professionals & more together for three exciting days and nights of showcases, seminars, workshops, networking, and some seriously epic hangs! Remember when music conferences were about new music and developing artists? We're taking the concept back to its roots! At Texas Americana Festival it's all about "the connection". ​ Kicking off February 20th, 2020, The Texas Americana Festival and Conference will take place across ten locations in the "Eado" area of Houston. All of the participating venues are located within a few blocks of each other and those locations will be announced over the coming weeks. Sponsorship Opportunities, Showcasing Performance Spots, Trade Show Booths, Workshop and Panel Opportunities and more are all available now through the links provided below

The Paula Boggs Band has original songs that beckon us to “Get Along”, “Look Straight Ahead” and one that says “We All Fall Down” and Get Together”. Their songs tell us to live right and live right now. When a band has music that FEELS good and makes us FEEL better when we leave than when we came…that band has done its job! Thank You Paula Boggs Band for doing your job and doing it well.””

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