A New Dawn...2021 

We could not script 2020 and it tested us. Reminded of those lost, seeing Kobe Bryant’s name provoked...”was that really this year?”...his pre-COVID-19 death seemingly eons ago. Families, communities, a nation, a planet...all challenged, upended and many suffered incalculably. We were called to think different, do different, be different and many of us did just that — how we work, play, create, shop, eat, go to school, socialize, exercise, heal, celebrate, vote, marry, worship, die. The human spirit can be an amazing thing. 

The band will record/release it’s 4th studio album in 2021 and Covid-19 willing we’ll travel to Portland, OR to do it in March.  These  ten original songs were written or re-imagined after the pandemic isolated us. It will be an album of story-telling and musically grounded in the folk tradition with hints of jazz, gospel, bluegrass and other roots music influences. At a time when the African American story has taken a front row seat in our consciousness, many of these songs serve as windows.  We will use mostly acoustic instruments though a song or two might be accented with something electric/digital.

We can’t wait to make this art and share it with all of you!

May Your 2021 Be Blessed.❤️