Waking Up to Sad News

OCTOBER 2022: I woke up this morning to sick and sad news out of Memphis. Yes, I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I also believe in USA Today reporting and their track record to try to tell it like it is. I grieve for Memphis, the victim and her family. I am a lifelong runner and when I slip on my Hokas and take off in my neighborhood, I assume I’m coming back.

From all accounts I can find, Eliza “Liza” Fletcher was a good woman. Only 34, she was a grammar school teacher, one of our nation’s noblest professions. She was a mother of two and a good spouse. I don’t care what race she was or her assailant’s. Her killing was evil.

We’ve become corse and numb to violence in America. We “other” each other literally to death. Name calling is normalized. It’s sick. Rule of law must prevail here. I’m praying for it. I’m also praying for Liza’s children and those she taught. I’m praying for her entire family and the City of Memphis. I’m praying for all runners and walkers, regardless of race or gender. We deserve safe passage. I’m praying for America.

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