Big Island Adventure, Take 1

As a birthday present to "me" I decided to spend a week on Big Island, Hawaii focused on yoga, reading, learning more about the ukelele and just being good to myself. It's a little after 7am and I've just first morning at Kalani Retreat near Pahoa on the East Coast. It's the first 8 hour sleep I've had in awhile and besides my little too loud ringtone alarm there's a cacaphony of nature singing outside my door -- whistles, caw-caws and an ocean's rumble just steps away.

It took almost 3 hours to get here from Kona -- along mostly winding and rural roads -- driving almost 2 hours before seeing my first McDonald's -- one road deadends and then you take a left and at the T you take another left before reaching Kalani -- between mileposts 18 and 17 on the left. It's sorta metaphoric how many lefts one has to take to get here.

My cabin is charming and off the cell phone grid though I do get spotty "OVI" -- ocean view -- wireless on my MacBook Pro. Guess I'll need to read a book!

Gotta go -- breakfast is from 7:30-8:30 and I'm hoping for great coffee, KONA of course.

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