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The discernment dance

When we follow that which excites and challenges us, an internal spark fuels us in our endeavors, and we’re able to step into our vision.

By Antonia Hall

“I just don’t have your discipline,” my girlfriend told me. But she does have it within her. I suspect she’s just lost the drive–her passionate fire doused by years of work that doesn’t have heartfelt meaning. When we follow that which excites and challenges us, an internal spark fuels us in our endeavors, and we’re able to step into our vision. The path can hold its challenges, but life is about expansion and growth, only made possible by stepping through fears that might otherwise hold us back. The magic happens when we can hold a vision of the desired outcome, trust that we have it within to get there, and then rise to meet the day-to-day tasks along the road to our future successes. Setting oneself to task and rising to meet the demands is an important part of our ultimate growth in life, one that allows us the room to discover that we have greater abilities, and more discipline, than we know. Discipline doesn’t sound very fun, but it bridges the way between our heart-centered goals and ultimate amazing accomplishments.

“The Superior Man heaps up small things in order to achieve something high and great.”
~I Ching

We are all Artists, architects of our lives, and once a heart’s song is heard, we can begin to envision how doing the work we love can be manifested into new forms, allowing ourselves to be of greater service to this beautiful planet. Life is meant to be fun, and doing what makes us happy and utilizes our natural talents and abilities smoothes the path and allows us to be better participants in the discernment dance required for success. Discernment dance? Yep. Once we’ve put goals in place for ourselves the temptations can arrive, and unlike opportunity with its subtle knock, temptations tend to demand attention by leaning on the doorbell ;-) . Balance is such an important barometer here, don’t you find? We can balance work and fun, but keeping priorities in check really does have far greater rewards.

There are no competitions or comparisons in life. How could there be? We are all miraculous, with inherent potential moving through us like a running river, awaiting our actions to help propel us towards our best lives. We can always try to be a better version of ourselves, which is really the best kind of challenge. Rising up to meet new goals is amazing! By showing up for ourselves and setting ourselves to task, we can bring forth greater versions of ourselves. Meeting personal challenges not only lifts us higher, but the process also serves as an important mirror for those around us, as well. How can you rise to meet newchallenges and exceed your greatest accomplishments, Dear Reader?

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