Murphy's Law?

I got really excited about tonight. Why? Well today was to be the day I finally "played" Santa Fe. You see, I've been here since mid-April and have even taken guitar lessons but had yet to get on a stage. I'd done research and decided the open mic at Sol Santa Fe was just the place. Heck, they were even offering to record my performance (and everyone elses). What a deal! Sure, it's not downtown (where i live) and it'd take about 30 minutes to get there, but no problem given all the upside I imagined. The first danger sign was the phone number. The number listed on Sol's website was "out of order." Huh? No email contact info either. So I called the club next door -- Santa Fe Brewing Co. -- the phone works but the guy on the other end says something like, "well we only share a parking space and that's a separate business...but here's there number." So I call the number given and get voicemail. All these signs were pointing of course to what in fact happened. I pack up my guitar and gear, load the car and drove 30 minutes only to enter a virtually empty club with every chair stack on the club's tables. My friend says to me, "I don't think there's an open mic in THIS place tonight.' Just as she says this a dude appears -- Brian -- who basically informs us he's new, doesn't know anything about open mics and...did you check our website? I almost lose it at this point but compose myself enough to say, "man, YOU, need to check your website!" The evening ended just fine though. My friend and I found a great pub in town and were able to laugh the whole thing off. Moral of the story: I guess I just wasn't meant to play music tonight!

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