Spring Cleaning

With only days before "Ides of March" -- anniversary of Julius Caesar's death, inspiration for Shakespeare's famous quote and gateway to Spring -- I've been reflecting on 2013 so far and what it can be. Musically I'm trying to up my game by learning some cool new stuff on electric guitar and working with master voice coach Robert Lunte. And, a few weeks ago brought our first major personnel change. Brian Miller, band bass player for over 6 years -- hugely talented, great guy and good friend -- now follows a new and different muse so we've welcomed Jeff Volkman, an amazing musician.

Band chemistry can be fragile, but I think Jeff's got huge talent, great work ethic and is low maintenance...in other words, perfect.

Next steps: choose a producer and studio for upcoming record, lock down a couple Seattle-area gigs, polish the newer songs and write a few more.

Stay tuned and don't forget to smell those Spring roses.

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